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decided what state I would acquire residence in, in order to bring the suit, if I decided to go on with it. Nothing was settled, you know." [82] "And now you are going to—?" inquired Kennedy, stopping

to let her fill out the answer. "drop it, of course," she supplied. "I suppose the doctor and I shall continue to agree to disagree." "Had Mrs. Wilford contemplated similar action on her part, do you think?" Vina avoided answering, but Kennedy pressed for a reply, asserting that Vail Wilford must have given some hint of it, either by his words or actions. "I don't know," she repeated, firmly. "Did she know of your—er—acquaintance with Mr. Wilford?" If looks had been poisonous, Kennedy must have been inoculated with venom right there. He paid no attention to her scornful glances as, again, there was no avoidance of an answer, no matter how much she tried. "Why do you think you know so much?" Vina veile

d her sarcastic reply. "Mrs. Wilford had been having her husband watched, I learn," prodded Kennedy, with brutal directness. I glanced covertly over at him. Doyle had told us Wilford was watching his wife. But no one, as I recalled, had given us an inkling of a reverse state of affairs. I realized that Kennedy had made it up out of whole cloth. He was trying it out to see its effect. At any rate, there was nothing unreasonable about it. It might have been true, whether it actually was or not. [83] For a mom

ent Vina was sorely tried to hold back a qui

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ck reply. Then she shrugged again. "Most women of the sort have to do that," she snapped. It was a mean remark, besides being glaringly untrue, except in the limited ken of certain New-Yorkese women

. Moreover, I saw that Kennedy had slipped past her guard. Each sentence she replied betrayed the keen feeling between the two. Kennedy seemed to be observing Vina as he might a strange element in a chemical reaction. On her part she seemed intuitively to recognize that there was a challenge to her in Craig's very personality. Arts which she might have tried with success on another seemed not to impress this man. He seemed to penetrate the defenses which she had against most men. And I could not help seeing that she was piqued by it. While they were fencing in their verbal duel, Craig had casually drawn a pencil from his pocket. A moment later I saw that

he had begun scribbling some figures, apparently aimlessly, on a piece of paper. From where I was sitting beside him I could see that he had written something like this: 5183 47395 654726 2964375 47293825 924783651 2146063859 [84] For some time he regarded the figures that he had written as the conversation went on. "Here's a little puzzle," he remarked, offhand, breaking into the chat. "Did you ever try it?" Vina looked at him in surprise at this unexpected turn of

the conversation. I am sure that she was in

doubt as to the man's sanity. However, there was a certain relief in the new turn

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of the conversation. At least he was not treading on the dangerous ground which he had trod upon. "Er—no," she answered, doubtfully. "That is—I don't know what you mean. What are

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the numbers?" "Oh, it's nothing much," he disarmed. "It's simply a matter of seeing whether a person can repeat numbers. I

've found it rather interesting at times." Without waiting for either comment or excuse from her he said, quickly: "For instance, take the first one—five, one, eight, three. See if you can repeat that." "Of course—five, one, eight, three," she replied, mechanically. "Fine?/p>

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